ABA announces changes to its Board of Directors

Jan. 04, 2022

Alberta Basketball Association (ABA) is announcing changes to its board membership, following its AGM in December.

Newly elected to the board are Jason Kerswill, who is Director of Athletics & Admissions at Edge School in Calgary, and Jacob Hendy, Executive Director of the Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta. They succeed departing members Ron Betker, who served as Treasurer, and Val Mumford, who was a Director at Large.

On behalf of ABA, Executive Director Paul Sir extends sincerest appreciation and thanks to Betker and Mumford.

“Ron has dedicated over 30 years of his life to the betterment of the sport of basketball in our province,” says Sir. “He did not share his financial experience and wisdom because he coached or played. He supported his daughter's love for the game by giving back to the game through his generous actions. Ron has seen the ebbs and flows of the growth of the game over his decades of contribution. His selflessness is what the game is all about - finding a way to contribute to help make the experiences better for all who participate.”

“Val's family legacy in the game and her passion for the sport was apparent the first time I met her,” Sir says. “She was coaching in a Calgary gym; she was busy guiding her team on the court while encouraging all players who were watching from the sidelines. She brought that same commitment to the ABA Board of Directors. She was an advocate for youth. She wanted more opportunities to be available for kids to play. She was always clear on where she stood but fair minded in hearing other points of view. Val was extremely busy but always willing to help in whatever way she could. 

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