2020 Canada Basketball Super Clinic

The Canada Basketball Super Clinic has been


Please click the following link for more information: CB Super Clinic 2020



Early bird registration is open for the 2020 Canada Basketball NCCP Super Clinic,

May 15 to 17, 2020

at Bill Crothers Secondary School & Markham Pan Am Centre in Markham, Ontario.



The NCCP Super Clinic is a premier coach education workshop featuring guest speakers and presenters, and features the following steams:


  •  FUNdamentals Technical/Steve Nash Youth Basketball module

  •  FUNdamentals Theory Module

Learn to Train

  •  L2T Making Ethical Decisions module

  •  L2T Modified Games Classroom module

  •  L2T Modified Games Practice module

  •  L2T Planning a Practice module

Train to Train

  •  T2T Competition Plan module

  •  T2T Fundamentals & Skills module

  •  T2T LTAD & MED module

  •  T2T Offence & Defence module

  •  T2T Practice module

  •  T2T Psychology & Practice Planning module

Train to Compete-


  •  T2C Planning: Managing a Sport Program module

  •  T2C Planning: Performance Planning module

  •  T2C Planning: Practice Planning module

Train to Compete-

  •  T2C Strategies: Hot Stove module

  •  T2C Strategies: Introduction, KPI, Penetration module

  •  T2C Strategies: Practice module

  •  T2C Strategies: Screening module

  •  T2C Strategies: Transition, Pass + Cut, Sealing module

  •  T2C Strategies: Zones module

Train to Compete-

Teaching Basketball Skills

  •  T2C Skills: Dribbling & Dynamic 1 on 1 module

  •  T2C Skills: Explanations, Demos & Skill Acquisition module

  •  T2C Skills: LTAD & Analyze Performance module

  •  T2C Skills: Practice module

  •  T2C Skills: Stance, Starts, Stops, Pivots, Passing, Shot Form module


The early bird registration fee is $225 for Game Plan members. The deadline for early bird registration is April 15th. To register please follow the steps below:

  1. To register for the 2020 NCCP Super Clinic coaches must login to their Game Plan account (gameplanbasketball.ca). If a coach does not have a Game Plan account, they can create an account at the following link (gameplanbasketball.ca/register.php)
  2. Click on the “Workshops” tab to view upcoming coach education workshops.
  3. Once on the “Workshops” tab, adjust the search parameters using the terms “National” and “2020”.
  4. Scroll down to find the workshop at the 2020 NCCP Super Clinic that you would like to register for and click “Register"


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