Governance & Membership

The Alberta Basketball Association (ABA) is the governing body for the sport of basketball in Alberta.       

ABA is committed to providing a safe environment and fair competition for all of its members.  This policy provides guidelines and regulations for groups running events, programs  and tournaments helping to ensure a safe and fair environment.

This policy applies to all basketball related activities,  events and tournaments participated in, organized by and run by ABA and its members.  

Purpose of Governance

  • Ensures a commitment by the event organizer that the event will be conducted in accordance with ABA guidelines

  • Ensures that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner

  • Encourages the recognition of results

  • Ensures that the event meets a standard of quality required for sanctioning by ABA

  • Provides insurance for participants’ safety for those activities sanctioned by ABA


2020/2021 ABA Membership

Membership Year runs annually - September 1st - August 31


Individual Membership Fee is: $17.00/person

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Annual membership purchase instructions package is now being provided to make purchasing membership easier for all.


Organization Membership Fee is: $100.00

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Governance Documents

Exemption Form


What all is covered with your policy:

ALBERTA BASKETBALL's INSURANCE COVERAGE - Follow link for more information or click on the individual links below

For more information on how you or your organization can become a member please contact the Alberta Basketball office @ (780) 427 - 9044.


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