Online COVID-19 Forms from DFA Tech

Alberta Basketball is exited to announce our ability through a partnership with DFA Tech Inc. to offer access to a comprehensive system for online distribution and tracking of the forms required to meet your organization’s return play guidelines.

From a single control sheet an organization will be able to

  • Email Daily attestation forms to specific members at scheduled times
  • Have a report of the filled in forms emailed to a specific person at a scheduled time
  • Review the results of the daily attestation forms for a specific gym session at any time
  • Create and manage the schedule for which forms are sent out when and who they are sent to

An organization using the system would be able to create cohort groups in the system and add their entire organizations schedule into the system. Once the users and schedule are setup the system would:

  • check the schedule for an upcoming gym session
  • Email the Daily Attestation form to everyone scheduled to be at a scheduled gym session 4 hours before the session
  • Email a list of the people who completed the form to a coach or manager 15 minutes before the gym session
  • The organization would also be able to check the form results for each gym session at any time

The system is a paid subscription service and is billed per form emailed.

For more information please contact Steve Flowers at DFA Tech Inc.  780-267-8592


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