Who We Are

The Alberta Basketball Association (ABA), a not-for-profit organization and the governing body for the sport of basketball in Alberta. We believe that our amazing sport is more than just a game; it is A Game for Life TM . The game of basketball assists all who participate by developing life skills and habits that will benefit and enrich their lives.

ABA is committed to providing a safe environment and fair competition for all of its members.  Through sanctioning we provide guidelines and regulations for groups running events, programs and tournaments helping to ensure a safe, fair and positive environment.


Board of Directors


Bob Mitchell President
Vince Tripathy Vice President 
Mark Dzenick Vice President/Secretary
Ron Betker Treasurer
Chad Bowie Director at Large
 Jay Ouelette Director at Large
Kara Vanhooren Director at Large
Mike Myers Director at Large
Perry Stothart Director at Large
Tom West Director at Large
Val Hampton-Mumford Director at Large

Proud Partners of ABA