Mini Clinics


Basketball Alberta is offering our Mini-Basketball clinic to all Elementary,Junior High & High Schools. These clinics are a great opportunity for both the teachers and the students to learn more about basketball.

Our mini-basketball program is tailored to youth development. One of our certified instructors will come to your school and provide an introductory mini basketball lesson during your physical education class schedule. The goal of the instructor is to provide the teacher with a new approach to teaching the basic skills of basketball. Emphasis is placed on playing the game while introducing new skills. Mini basketball is suited for students from K-12 with different levels of play for each grade. Clinicians will accommodate as many classes as the school wishes with a max. of 30 students per class. Multiple day clinics are available.

Clinic Details: 

Recommended Class length: 30-45 minutes (most schools opt to keep their regular physical education schedule).

Maximum Participants per class: 30 students per session; the teacher(s) must be present during all classes.

Please note: Multiple day clinics are available and provide the most opportunity for development.


For more information please contact Nat at or (780) 427-9044, ext 3.