Canada Basketball Verification Program

Nov. 04, 2022

TORONTO, Ont. (November 4, 2022) - Canada Basketball announced Friday the launch of the Canada Basketball Verification Program to guide all basketball associations across Canada towards best principles and practices for organizational development, both on and off the court.


The Canada Basketball Verification Program is now available for free to all Canadian basketball clubs, associations, and community groups and integrates important aspects of coaching, safe sport, and organizational leadership.


Canada Basketball, in partnership with the provincial/territorial sport organizations (PTSOs), developed a set of minimum standards and criteria to enhance the delivery of basketball, elevate the participant experience, and thereby improve the overall basketball system across Canada.


The Canada Basketball Verification Program aims to provide all stakeholders involved with the game - athletes, parents, coaches, officials, and organizers - with assurance that their “Verified” organization not only aligns with the best practices for basketball programming in Canada, but also delivers an experience for all basketball participants in a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment.


More information will be available soon, if you have any questions, please send an email to