Youth Provincials 2024 Update

Feb. 07, 2024

We want to highlight a couple of  important items for this year’s upcoming Youth Provincials.

  • General Info. - To save time for both yourself and ABA, we would ask that coaches and administrators please take the time to read the Technical Package to educate yourself or your organization, as there have been changes made from last year.. All Youth Provincial’s details can be found on the ABA Website under the Events tab and then Youth Provincials tab.
  • Declarations are active now please click on this link to declare your team. Each team declaring must complete a separate form. Please note that your roster must be included with your declaration and all information must be completed or your declaration will not be accepted. 

Payment is required at the time of declaration. If your organization plans to send one cheque/payment for all their declared teams, please have your Organization Treasurer or Rep. send Natalie an email at requesting a “promo code” to bypass the YP Declaration payment section. Once the draws are confirmed, ABA will invoice each zone for each of their teams that will be participating at this year’s Youth Provincials.

  • Safe Sport Training - For the 2024 Youth Provincials, all participating coaches will be required to have completed the free Safe Sport Training module that is available online through the Coach Association of Canada (CAC). Coaches should complete this step as early in their season as possible to be aware of and apply concepts to their respective preparations. Please use the link provided to access this free module online at CAC:  Participants Training | Safesport ( - log in to your Locker account and complete the module under E-Learning. Any questions or assistance needed with this please contact Reagan via email at:
  • Positions for Hire - ABA will be hiring for the following positions, please complete these linked online application forms if you are interested in working with ABA. Dione or Natalie will contact all applicants to advise status.

Venue Coordinators

Event Staff

  • Volunteers - If you would like to volunteer at Youth Provincials please complete this ABA - Request to Volunteer Form and submit it. Upon receipt of your request to Volunteer Natalie will contact you directly.
  • Code of Conduct - Spectators/Coaches/Players - please make sure you have read and understand the code of conduct for everyone attending and participating in the 2024 Youth Provincials. Abuse of referees, coaches, players, other fans, staff or volunteers will not be tolerated.  This event is for the youth basketball players first, please keep that front of mind as you come and support your team!

We look forward to seeing you all in March!