Albertans set to take part in the 2024 All Canadian Games

Mar. 28, 2024

Six athletes from Alberta are set to showcase their skills in the 2024 All Canadian Games at the Athlete Institute in Mono, Ont., on March 30.

Onyx Nnami (hometown: Edmonton) and Hudson Ward (Leduc) will be playing in the All Canadian Boys Game, while Delaney Gibb (Raymond), Olivia Leung (Calgary), Ify Nwaobi (Calgary), Nyadieng Yiech (Calgary) are taking part in the All Canadian Girls Game.


 Held annually, the All-Canadian Games feature the top 24 boys and top 24 girls high school players either from or playing in Canada.

The 2024 All Canadian Girls Game takes place at noon EST, followed by the 2024 All Canadian Boys Game at 5:00 p.m. EST. Visit the All Canadian Games website for information.